The last month we have supplied you with Limitech’s information of service + engineering, Lipstick, Pet Food, Mayonnaise, Plant based Food/Vegan products, and the function of weighing. All updates that Limitech has worked in for years and supplied manufacturers with top class solutions.

The mentioned segments are all from the overall categories in which Limitech operates. Categories as condiments, convenience, dairy, confectionary, bakery, personal care, pharma, powder dissolving, technical and others. Categories that Limitech has perfectionated and worked through for decades to supply its customers with the best knowledge and know-how in the world.

Next month NEWS

The next month of newsletters will regard chutney, cream cheese and UHT, Oil storagetanks and dairy along with powder dissolving. All previous newsletters can be found on Limitech’s NEWS site on the website.

Skyrocketing and frontrunner in optimizations A high range of different solutions, apart from customizations which run through Limitech’s engineering department, has been added to Limitech’s existing product lines.

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