Lotion & Creams Machine

Lotion & Creams Machine

Machine for lotion and creams

Lotion and creams are known and used over the entire globe. Investigating the origins of the creams take us back as early as 3,000 BC where the first lotion-type salves was produced by Sumerians and ancient Egyptians. Of course, back then everything was made of natural ingredients such as animal fats, oils and honey.

Short history about lotions and creams

Lotion and cream are technically used for the exact same functions but the main different of the two is that lotion have a higher water content and creams are often thicker in consistency and thereby provide a form of barrier that keeps skin ultra-hydrated. Therefore, depending on why you use lotions and creams it will differ what kind would benefit you the most. One of the first body lotions to have been developed is said to have been by a Roman physician whose intention was to make a liquid protecting the skin from a hot and dry climate providing both sun protection and hydration. 

Process equipment for lotions and creams

Limitech manufactures machines, mixers and equipment for the lotion and cream industry. Limitech’s mixer for lotions and creams is equipped with a high shear mixer securing all product is led through the mixing wheel and guaranteeing a smooth end-product. The machine is highly efficient and therefore the process is easy and fast. Processing high quality lotion and cream products is o the essence for Limitech A/S. For decades, Limitech has manufactured machines which provides know-how and expertise for the processing equipment. 


Limitech’s high shear mixer is world known and could by far be categorized as the mixers answer on “Mike Tyson’s left hook”. Its capacity, efficiency and power has been perfectionated for decades into the mixer it is today. Limitech’s High Shear Mixer is used in several different industries as in the adhesives, food, personal care, pharma, plastic industries, etc. among others because of the possibility for easy changing of mixing tools which makes Limitech’s High Shear mixer both versatile and multifunctional.

The Limitech High-Shear mixer is the frontrunner it its field and secure high capacity and efficiency while being innovatively perfectionated to fit perfectly into a lot of different industries, and to be able to be fit a specific process of a given product. The process solution may be versatile to fit into the process of several different industries; however, it has been perfectionated for years into different mixing tools fitting different processes, industries and products.  

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