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Cooqer 2

The laydown COOQER 2 is particularly made for producing liquid and semi liquid food products. The Cooqer effectively emulsifies and blends dry and wet ingredients. A hygienic design is a natural part of its integrated system and is designed according to European standards and also to the guidelines of EHEDG certification.


The COOQER 2 is constructed with a large surface securing easy and efficient evaporation. In addition, it has large agitators for gentle stirring of the product – this is to protect for example the whole berries in marmalade from being mixed or ruined under stirring. The effective evaporation of the product secures your product reaches the correct viscosity.



Additionally, the COOQER 2 features jacket protection which is Limitech’s safety precaution to ensure the machines cap does not burst when freezing ingredients is added, which can cause the water in the cap to freeze. This precaution ensures that the water is removed by evaporation which has turned to be highly efficient and valued by customers all over the world.

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