SuperFlow 4 Batch

SuperFlow 4 Batch

SuperFlow 3 standard features:
  • High-shear mixer unit with water flushed-seal
  • 4 adjustable legs
  • Motor and V-belt drive
  • Connections: clamps and sms
  • Internal surface finish: Ra < 0,8

Is specially designed to give you a quick and efficient blend of dry and liquid ingredients. SUPERFLOW batch 3 is specially built to fit a system where a low height is needed. Because of the shape of the tank as well as the construction of the machine itself, it offers an advantage in being able to adapt to certain system or processes where this is a requirement, it is specially designed for ice cream.


Low loading height at 1 meter

The SuperFlow Batch 4 drives on high capacity and has a short process time. The machine has low maintenance and is highly safe to operate forged in a compact sanitary design.

One Size: 500 L

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