LiMiX 2

LiMiX 2

LiMiX 2 standard features:
    • High-shear mixing
    • Changeable mixing tools: mixing wheel, stator, knife
    • Effective agitation
    • Frequency inverter on agitator
    • Liftable lid
    • CIP ready
LiMiX 2 optional features
    • Vacuum
    • Cooling in jacket
    • 50 mm insulation
    • Baffle plate
    • Direct steam heating
    • Indirect steam heating
    • Frequency inverter on mixer
    • PLC control
    • Inlet for water in lid
    • Mounted funnels

The LiMiX 2 is our multifunctional mixer specially designed for products with limited vicious structure and ideal for high volume batches. The mixer has with its welded lid made it possible to do effective CIP cleaning of the mixer.  The LiMiX 2 has a volume ranging from 10 liters to 300 liters and is equipped with a cap where the entire upper of the tank is lifting.


In addition, it is possible to get the LiMiX 2 equipped with OPPSD – meaning Overpressure Protection by System Design which it is fully certified for. This allows the tank to get much further up in temperature without overheating and without it bursting the dimple jacket.

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