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Limitech is known for its extraordinary service department both when it comes to efficiency as well as fast response time. Limitech’s service department consist of everything you could possibly need when it comes to service;

  • Spare parts
  • 24/5 helpline D
  • Diagnostic
  • Installation
  • Remote support
  • Insights on improvements
  • Training academy
  • Global customer service
  • Manuals
  • Etc.

Read more about Limitech’s service department here.


Limitech holds several different product lines as LiMiX, SuperFlow and Cooqer alongside other products as buffers, UHT, CIP units, storage tanks, rasper, static mixers, powder blender, melting tanks, weighing tank, bin lift, MyMix, etc. product, lines and process solutions that can be used as both standalone products or engineered into fully automated process solutions. Limitech’s supplies manufacturers from the following industries with machinery: condiments, convenience, dairy, confectionary, personal care, pharma, powder dissolving, technical, pet food, R&D, vegan, etc. all over the world. See more at our website limitech.dk .

Apart from already mentioned lines, Limitech’s engineering department makes dreams come true. Highly flexible, agile, completely customized and experienced perfectly describes the process of a fully specialized engineered line from the founding father of engineered solutions, Limitech A/S. the department makes it possible for you to tailor your machinery or fully automated process lines completely to fit your needs. Read more about Limitech’s engineering department here.

So, should you be intrigued or should any questions have arisen then do not hesitate to contact Limitech A/S.

Limitech A/S – Danish manufacturer of multifunctional batch mixers and cookers for the food industry.

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