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One of the stories behind the origins of mayonnaise is, that it has its origins in early France. More accurately, it is said to have been the French cook of the Duke de Richelieu’s whom, in 1765 while the Duke stood on the battlefield defeating the British at Port Mahon, were creating a victory feast that included a sauce or dressing made of cream and eggs  -a sauce we today know as mayonnaise.  

Limitech A/S supply both vegan and non-vegan industrial factories all over the world with first class equipment. Due to special designed features our FINO+ High Shear Mixer can handle both vegan and non-vegan products efficiently, easy and accurately with the right precaution measures taken. This is an all in one machine, like specific vegetables or Vegan or non-vegan products as mayonnaise, hummus, pesto, dates, sauces, etc. and it can be supplied with a mixer featured a bin lifter to secure easy loading, built-in heating/cooling jacket and a lot more. Our PLC system secure easy operation and control so you easy and fast can make the same product. These features and others will give the desired result whether making a smooth, thick or coarse product.

So, would you like to process mayonnaise, original or vegan, while still having a multifunctional and flexible mixer that can produce other products as well? Then please contact Limitech A/S and EMPOWER YOUR PROCESS, contact Limitech through your favorable way-of-contact through our website  

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