Limitech: Ensure the best food quality for your furry best friend!

Limitech knows the importance of ensuring all ‘pet-parents’ around the world that their pet-baby’s food is completely processed under the right condition. This to ensure that the healthy and organic ingredients is not ruined under production. To make sure the food is of top quality and manufactured under the best conditions; both homogenously and by living up to the standards set for top quality pet food, also considering animal performance and all parameters of welfare.

The first man said to have originally invented canned pet-food was an Englishman, living in the US, named James Chapel back in 1922. The canned food was also called wet-food and was primarily made from horse meat as James Chapel owned a horse farm supplying horses to soldiers. When the horses passed away the meat would then be used for canned pet-food, which quickly became quite popular. Up till today where there is a very large variety and range of pet food depending on flavor, brand, texture, ingredients, etc.

Through Limitech’s facilitations and certifications, the company ensures that all process solutions for pet-food live up to the highest standards possible. In addition, the mixer units secure that the healthy nutrition’s is not ruined or contaminated under mixing. When ensuring the best ingredients for the production of pet food, an extremely important factor is to secure the process system, making the ingredients into the final product, is of a quality to the same satisfaction, guaranteeing safety and standards of the highest. To ensure all animals is benefitting both physically and mentally from the food.


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