Tartar Sauce Machine

Tartar Sauce Machine

Tartar sauce machine

This specific sauce or dressing are particularly good to seafood dishes such as fish and chips, clam strips, fried oysters, fish sandwiches and fish fingers etc. The origins of Tartar sauce is a difficult one to state. One of the theories is, that it most likely has its roots back in France, first made after the 18th century because it was around the time of these centuries that mayonnaise was invented, which is one of the key ingredients in tartar sauce.

What is tartar sauce

This specific condiment is used as dipping for different fish courses. The name Tartar sauce is said to come from eastern French, named after the tartar tribe who came from Eurasian Steppe to occupy parts of Ukraine and Russia. 

Industrial process solution for Tartar sauce

Tartar sauce machinery equipment in both small and large scale. With Limitech’s tartar sauce machine you reach perfect evaporation and texture while protecting the particles wanted in the sauce. High shear mixing and agitators developed to assist efficiently in the process of making tartar sauce. The LiMiX 3 is especially designed for this type of condiment. 

Tartar sauces with Limitech FiNO

The FiNO®-system is specially made for producing cold fine food products due to its high capacity and power. The system effectively emulsifies and blend dry and wet ingredients. The plant is controlled by PLC with a recipe control system, which makes the system very effective and time saving. All valves are automatically controlled.

The FiNO®-system, shown in the video, is perfect for mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, etc. and it can easily be adapted to your process. Should you require a hot process it is possible to add that to the system.

If you invest in a complete FiNO®-system, you buy a guarantee for high efficiency and product quality. With the FiNO®-concept you secure the future of your production. Empower your process with FiNO® à Empower your process with Limitech A/S.

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