Cooling by Limitech A/S

The cooling system is cold or iced water directly in the dimple jacket. This system reduces cooling time rapidly and in combination with our vacuum system you can reduce the cooling time even further. Please ask for more specific information regarding your product. Cooling is used to reduce the temperature of the food from one processing temperature to another or to a required storage temperature. Cooling preserves food by slowing down the growth and reproduction of micro-organisms and the action of enzymes, and through the fast cooling increases shelf-life of the product.

Advantage of Cooling:

Cools of the product in the same tank in which you have been cooking. 


Fewer machines needed as you can heat and cool in the same machine which safes space at production sites. 

Why choose cooling from Limitech

Cooling is a more gentle method compared to a surface scrape heat exchanger. The cooling process can be hold in one or several different tanks depending on your process. 

Small, Medium & Large Installations custom build.

Please contact us for your custom build process system

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