Since Limitech’s origin decades ago, the process after
a customer’s purchase has always been just as important as the purchase itself.
The company placed out in the Danish countryside, is highly focused on its clients’
experience with the company after the purchase is completed. The service
department is continually developing to ensure the best service and to keep strengthening
the efficiency of the department. Help is no longer than a call away and Limitech
is always easy to get in contact with, if any problems or questions arise. Limitech
operates both over the phone, digitally as well as travel abroad on service
inspections to do hands on services at your facility. The company guarantees quick
response time and an efficient work through of your process solution(s) to make
sure that if a malfunction should occur you will be op an running as quickly as


Anywhere you are in the world, Limitech are committed to serve you with parts and services, keeping your machines top-tuned and as efficient as ever. To be prepared for possible errors we advise you to have a maintenance/spare-part kit for the most common used spare parts to ensure you as little down time as possible if a malfunction should arrive. However, should you need spare-parts or other shipments the headquarter is always ready to assist you. Spare-parts in great quality build to last will secure you safety in the marketplace for years on end along with efficiency, quality, reliability and maximum experience. 

Service, just as important as the purchase for Limitech A/S. (spareparts)


Limitech collects happy and satisfied customers. Through the companies experienced service team, you can always, within business hours, get in contact with one of the service workers, technologists or engineers to receive help if it should be required, or the company will contact you as quickly as possible. This is to guarantee you will not be shut down longer than necessary as Limitech knows that at the end of the day – time is money and we will make sure to get you up and running as quickly as possible. 


Should you experience an error or malfunctioning of your process solution our technicians and service manager will efficiently diagnose the error and in collaboration with you find the right plan to make sure your down time is minimal. Limitech do day to day shipments securing you your needs will be delivered already the next day. The diagnostic of your machinery can be done both remotely or on site – depending on your needs and requirements. 

Service and inspection of machinery


Starting something new is always a great opportunity. Making the most of that opportunity is all about making the right choices from the start. Whether it is a new machine/plant or expansion of existing operations, with Limitech by your side you can count on getting a solid foundation for your business. When your equipment is installed and running, we guarantee its performance. We can help you with the star-up both on-site and remotely from our office. You can save valuable time for particularly difficult tasks and know for sure that your machine is set up and running before we walk out the door – or that there is help on the whole way via remote installation if desired. Our technologist and service engineer will not leave the site before you have all your questions answered.


At Limitech, we are no longer than a call away, and we are always ready to help you. With our site support you get convenient and react access to Limitech’s network of maintenance expertise through Limitech’s dedicated team, either on-site or remotely. Whether it is proactive staff coaching or instant support, Limitech has the competence to match your operational needs. Limitech has in many years had large success with digital service as well as remote try-out of the machinery. This allows you to send your own ingredients and through video follow one of our technologists make your product for then to have a sample sent to your facility, all under full confidentiality. This work-method has also been ideally popular under Covid19 to keep everyone safe while still being up and running with the possibility to expand. 


Limitech support you to increase employee engagement and improve operational performance. With dedicated instructors and experts in the field, our training services provide your staff the knowledge and guidance they need to perform at their best. 

Limitech offer both on-site as well as remote training services, depending on what you prefer. This is to make sure you have all the guidance you need when receiving your machine or system, resolving in high efficiency and a strong and fast workflow as well as being able to fix possible errors in the future quickly or perhaps even before they occur. 


No matter where you are located in the world Limitech’s priority is to be as close to its customers as possible. A priority that has followed Limitech from the beginning ad it is a priority that always will be one of the company’s key fundamentals. Limitech has agents located in a high number over most of the world giving most customers the possibility to do business in their native tongue. In addition, the headquarter is always ready to provide quick and efficient help whether it is about service, installation, 24/5 helpline, remote support, diagnostic, maintenance, training academy, spare parts, etc. Limitech works at high pressure to secure satisfied customers both before, during and after the purchase is completed. 


Choosing direction in your company can be  difficult and finding the best opportunity may require a knowledgeable and thorough guide. Limitech’s experts around the globe, both agents and at the headquarter in Denmark, is ready to help you evaluate operational performance, so you can stay on track in business and expand your efficiency. Some of the finest minds in the food, chemistry, personal care, pharma, etc. manufacturing industries provides expert advice and deliver proven results. In close cooperation with Limitech you process solution will be investigated and researched in order to improve to your performance, across all areas of operations and food protection. Limitech is experts in their field and have gathered many years of experience along with a long line of corporations from several industries that has given us a wide range of specialized knowledge to the company’s advantage.


Limitech buys back and sell used equipment, process solutions and machinery produced by Limitech, to recycle and optimize the machinery. The recycled machinery will be tested and serviced to guarantee the highest efficiency. Because it is a recycled machine it has been tested in use tremendously, and the machine is therefore highly tested to be capable to your specific product, while also being cheaper than a new designed machine.  


As a customer you are therefore always more than welcome to contact us regarding a machine you wish to sell,  or exchange to another machine.  Contact the office to hear more about your options here


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