CIP Dosing and Water Unit

CIP Dosing and Water Unit

Functions & Applications

Functions Cleaning in Place

The Cleaning in place (CIP) is a highly effective cleaning system implemented in your process line to secure easer cleaning and no cross-contamination of end products. CIP requires less manual work and needs only an operator. The rest of the cleaning goes automatically. An efficient solution that guarantees all of your equipment, from tanks to mixers to piping, total cleanability with almost only a push of a button. CIP is a method for automatic cleaning of the inner surfaces of pipes, containers, equipment, filters an associated fitting without major disassembly. CIP is commonly used for equipment such as pipes, tanks and fillers.


The CIP is available in two different system variants: A standard as well as an upgraded version.


The CIP DOSING and water unit is the upgraded version of CIP. The implementation of this unit provides you the opportunity to clean with both a chemical mixture and with water as well as the possibility to use the water and mixture more than once this also makes this unit more climate friendly.


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