Make your everyday process a little easier with Limitech A/S

Are you in the soup, sauce, dressing, dip or in another condiment industry? Then Limitech’s weighing function might be highly in your interest!

By choosing the weighing function from Limitech you can enhance your condiment- or any other process productivity by using highly evolved, optimized and developed technology equipment. By integrating intelligent, sophisticated weighing technology into your process on both plant machines and fully automated solutions, manufacturers can achieve the precision required in dry to liquid processing operations – particularly ingredient mixing in liquid batching and blending applications.

To make every minute as effective as possible in your process, electronic scale systems are implemented to increase automation with the use of weight sensors and indicators. This both effectuate your process and secures a non-contaminated product along with no human errors.

Do not hesitate to contact the office with any questions or to learn more about the function of weighing and how it can benefit your process!


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