Cream Fillings Machine

Cream Fillings Machine

Cream filling machine

There is a large selection of different cream fillings used for different kinds of recipes depending on the customs of where you are in the world. Cream fillings is a popular way to flavor your cake or buns or to use as filling in a layer cake.

Short history about cream fillings

Taking a look on the origins of cream fillings, the Cassel’s New Universal Cookery Book from 1894 in London, contains a recipe for a layer cake example with cream filling. The Butter-cream frostings began replacing traditional boiled icings in the first few decades in the start of the 20th century. 

Cream is a dairy product composed of different ingredients depending on the kind of cream you want to make. Cream fillings are especially popular in wedding and birthday cakes. 

Why choose Limitech's process equipment

By choosing Limitech’s process equipment you are guaranteed efficiency and a homogenous process with every batch. Limitech is a food process equipment manufacturer with eye for detail. Limitech’s decades of experience is in favor of the processor of cream fillings. The LiMiX 1 is made with the focus of the texture of cream fillings. 


Limitech’s high shear mixer is world known and could by far be categorized as the mixers answer on “Mike Tyson’s left hook”. Its capacity, efficiency and power has been perfectionated for decades into the mixer it is today. Limitech’s High Shear Mixer is used in several different industries as in the adhesives, food, personal care, pharma, plastic industries, etc. among others because of the possibility for easy changing of mixing tools which makes Limitech’s High Shear mixer both versatile and multifunctional.

The Limitech High-Shear mixer is the frontrunner it its field and secure high capacity and efficiency while being innovatively perfectionated to fit perfectly into a lot of different industries, and to be able to be fit a specific process of a given product. The process solution may be versatile to fit into the process of several different industries; however, it has been perfectionated for years into different mixing tools fitting different processes, industries and products.  

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