SuperFlow 3 Batch

SuperFlow 3 Batch

SuperFlow 3 standard features:
  • High-shear mixer unit with water flushed-seal
  • 4 adjustable legs
  • Motor and V-belt drive
  • Connections: clamps and sms
  • Internal surface finish: Ra < 0,8


SUPERFLOW 3 is Limitech’s pre-mixer and is intended as a pre-mixer of a process. It works here as a stand-alone or as part of a larger process system where it does its job quickly, efficiently and eminently. The Super Flow 2 is specially designed for dissolving powders fast without “fisheyes” or lumps. The powders are added from the top. Suitable for production where manually cleaning is preferred.


Rapidly dissolving pectin and other powders – in all sizes

Pectin is dissolved in just 3 minutes – it is fast, and it leaves no lumps or “fisheyes”. It actually dissolves double concentration of pectin compared to conventional mixers. Super Flow 2 is available from small volumes as 50 liters and up to 6,000. Powders are added from the top through the welded cap.

Volumes from 50 to 6,000 liters.

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