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Cooqer 1

Cooqer 1 is a horizontal cooker, and is versatile and specifically designed for gentle mixing and blending of food products. This cooqer has no mixer unit but agitators securing no burn on tank walls of the products. Because of the high sugar holdings in for example marmalade the product does not burn on tank walls compared to other products. The tank is secured with a line securing high safety standards if an accident should occur the agitators will stop immediately when the line is moved. The lid of the cooqer can close but is not vacuum tight compared to COOQER 2 (laydown).

A cover in stainless steel is covering the gear motor for protection. The COOQER 1 has easy agitator seals access and electrical agitator drive. The machine is equipped with a safety wire and pneumatic lifting of the lid. The COOQER 1 is forged in stainless steel AISI 316 and 304.

Gentle cooking and agitation in large scale from 1000 to 4000 kg a batch.

Functions Cooking, Cooking - Indirect with Electricity & Water, Cooking - Indirect With Pressure (Exchanger System), Defrosting, Melting, Reduction
Applications Bolognese Sauce, Bullion, Chocolate Filling, Chutney, Cranberry Sauce, Fruit Desserts, Fruit Sauce, Jam / Marmelade, Marinades, Pie Filling, Salsa Sauce, Sauce Reductions, Seafood Chowder, Soup, Stews, Vegetable Soup, Vinaigrette