The MyMix can be fitted with different mixing tools that can always be changed. This to ensure a multifunctional solution that will serve you for years without running short of options. The range covers functions from fine emulsions with oil droplets down to 1 micron to gentle cooking processes with particles, all in the same vessel. All options are suited for very viscous products. When emptying the mixer there is no contact with the mixing unit when turned off, which allows for particles to be emptied out without being destroyed. The mixer operates like a centrifugal pump and pre-homogenizes the product to make almost instant emulsions and blends.


The agitator system is designed to gently blend without destroying particles and at the same time efficiently scrape the inside tank wall to ensure maximum heating and cooling transfer into the product. The agitator is equipped with a frequency converter for variable speed control of the motor. We, at Limitech, produces a precision tool which ensure that your food products can be produced in the highest repeatable quality and prospective quantity. When working with Limitech mixers you can with peace of mind upscale your product with the same high quality and craftmanship that you are used to, and we guarantee its performance.

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