The art of decorating one’s face has been popular for thousands of years. All kinds of beautification products that we know today took their first steps thousands of years ago, where they originated by mixing different remedies from nature. Limitech is known worldwide for its processing equipment among others to the lipstick and personal care industries.

Historically, it is stated that the first to have invented lipstick was the ancient Sumerian and Indus Valley settlers about 5,000 years ago. Back then, Sumerians would crush rocks for then to apply it onto their face. As the Sumerians and Indus Valley settlers, Egyptians as Cleopatra was said to have used their own form of makeup by for example crushing bugs as the species carmine to make her lips stand out by applying the red color.


Lipstick. A glossy, matte, hard or wet liquid stick that has been used by individuals all over the world in hundreds of different beautiful shapes, shades and colors for many years. Most lipstick is made by crushing and heating ingredients for then to be mixed with heated waxes for texture. To abide specific formula requirements oils and lanolin are added where afterwards the hot liquid is poured into a metal mold. In the last decades, a lot of other lipstick related products has entered the market – from the hard lipstick to a glossier sister called lip-gloss which has turned into a large market in the industry, which Limitech has manufactured machines to for decades. Limitech has through decades built up a highly valued expertise in processing solutions for liquid and hardening products.  

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