Dressing Machine

Dressing Machine

Dressing machine

Dressings often used for salads have a long and colorful history, that has its origin back in ancient times. The Babylonians is said to have been the first to have used dressings; consisting of oil and vinegar nearly 2.000 years ago. This spread throughout the world were people started mixing dressings from what flavor they liked. The most common was a mix between olive oil, vinegar, wine and honey.

Today, there is a sea of different dressings, as many people enjoy adding different flavors to their salads, vegetables and greens. However, each country has their own national favorite dressing along a long line of imported dressings from different countries around the globe providing you with a broad supply to choose from.  

Today, dressing is a large industry where industrial process solutions in large scale is highly necessary to process the amount and liters of dressing manufactured over the world today, to comply with the high demand. Limitech has for decades been a food machinery manufacturer to for example dressing

The choosing of food production equipment

So, why choose machines and process equipment from Limitech? By selecting food processing machines to for example dressing, from Limitech A/S, you choose equipment that has been developed for decades. The condiment dressing has been highly developed and tested on Limitech’s machines to guarantee we provide the machinery perfect for the process of dressing no matter viscosity, texture or particles. 

Dressing with Limitech FiNO

The FiNO®-system is specially made for producing cold fine food products due to its high capacity and power. The system effectively emulsifies and blend dry and wet ingredients. The plant is controlled by PLC with a recipe control system, which makes the system very effective and time saving. All valves are automatically controlled.

The FiNO®-system, shown in the video, is perfect for mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, etc. and it can easily be adapted to your process. Should you require a hot process it is possible to add that to the system.

If you invest in a complete FiNO®-system, you buy a guarantee for high efficiency and product quality. With the FiNO®-concept you secure the future of your production. Empower your process with FiNO® à Empower your process with Limitech A/S.

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