Marinades Machine

Marinades Machine

Marinades Machines and process solutions

The history of marinade is said to have its beginning in Europe, along with the fact that the marinade sauce "only" has excisted a couple of hundred years - however, other scrippled tales shows that marinade originated in different parts of the world, meaning it has different origins depending on the specific marinade sauce. All from Europe to Egypt to Asia to USA and ancient Rome.

What is marinades

As there are dressings for salads and vegetables there are dressing for meat; also known as marinade. Marination is soaking food in a seasoned sauce or dressing often to the acidic side for minutes or hours before the meat is cooked. Because of the non-possibility of storing your meat in the freezer back in the day most meat was soaked in marinade in a way to preserve it.  

Industrial marinades manufacturing equipment

Limitech has designed and manufactured industrial marinades machines for several decades. The machines comes both in small and large scale. Industrial marinades equipment specialized for marinades with both small and larger particles.  Limitech has manufactured process solutions for the food industry and hereunder convenience for decades. Decades of experience that has resulted in highly functional mixers and process solutions – both as standalone as well as full process lines. 

Marinades with Limitech FiNO

The FiNO®-system is specially made for producing cold fine food products due to its high capacity and power. The system effectively emulsifies and blend dry and wet ingredients. The plant is controlled by PLC with a recipe control system, which makes the system very effective and time saving. All valves are automatically controlled.

The FiNO®-system, shown in the video, is perfect for mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, etc. and it can easily be adapted to your process. Should you require a hot process it is possible to add that to the system.

If you invest in a complete FiNO®-system, you buy a guarantee for high efficiency and product quality. With the FiNO®-concept you secure the future of your production. Empower your process with FiNO® à Empower your process with Limitech A/S.

Small, Medium & Large Installations custom build.

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