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At Limitech A/S we know our customers knows what is smart and that you have perfectionated your craftmanship for years. Therefore, to us, it only makes sense that the equipment should be made to match each individual process customized specially for you, just like the glass shoe were for Cinderella. Anders Jellesen’s vision for the company has not changed the last decades, and with the entering of his son, the family business is handed on to the second generation of Jellesen, who holds the family values just as high as his father, making sure the ground foundation for the company stays intact.

Our Sale, technical, engineering, marketing, office and production departments works with synergy under our roof. We engineer and produce everything here in our workshop which gives us the opportunity to test every component all the way through production allowing us to ensure the highest quality possible in our products. The production starts in marketing, sales to the engineer department to end up in the workshop until its finally reach the installation and running in phase at our customers– the whole process is a team process where no person can be left out. Our teamwork and spirit are something to be very proud of” states Jesper Vad Jellesen, CEO of Limitech. 

CEO Jesper Vad Jellesen

Jesper Jellesen - CEO of Limitech A/S

The process solutions, technology and knowhow has been refined through the years with additions to the engineering, technical, craft shop and office department till today where Limitech is known worldwide with its multifunctional processes both in form of stand-alone machines and full process lines. Limitech strives to maintain close relationships with its customers since its first footsteps back decades ago and to be quickly available on sites when needed. Therefore, the company has extended the family and found employees fitting into the family spirit as well as benefitting from each of their professional skills to the family business. This has made an expansion of the engineering, technical, marketing and production departments at Limitech A/S. 

“Out of sight is not out of mind, with us”

We value good, thorough and fast communication; a process where the technique and engineering part is tailored to your needs, and where service is paramount. It is important for us to emphasize that the service part, after your purchase, is just as important as the purchase itself – where our family spirit will be highly pervasive. At Limitech, we guarantee that we are ready to help you if a malfunction should occur. In that case, we have a team of highly skilled technicians and service people on stand-by ready on the phone or to move out so you will never stand still longer than necessary.

So, Choose the family feeling, choose commitment, reliability and experience. Choose Limitech A/S


Limitech A/S was founded several decades ago by founding Father Anders Jellesen who had more than 50 years of experience in the industry. His know-how, dedication and skilled expertise have laid the foundation for Limitech’s production lines and machinery, and is one of the reasons for Limitech’s success. A business that started as a manufacturer of machines to the food industry but quickly expanded to industries as pet food, beverages, sport nutrition, personal-care, baby food, pharma, chemicals, etc. Highly benefitting customers all over the world. Limitech A/S is born and raised as a family business where trust, respect, commitment, stability, and flexibility are key. 

Back in September 2006 Anders Jellesen’s son, Jesper Vad Jellesen, joined Limitech where he took his first steps as second generationer, and in April 2014 took over the title as CEO. Anders continued to work in Limitech’s development department until his passing in 2022.

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