Cooqer 3

Cooqer 3

COOQER 3 is specially designed for dissolving powders in large quantities of liquid and features aseptic ensuring no bacteria’s or contamination of the product. Cooqer 3 is equipped with vacuum in the bottom where dry powder is sucked in, making it possible to reach uniform powder blend within minutes. Cooqer 3 has the same functions and abilities as cooqer 2, however, Cooqer 3 has a smaller volume and is in general smaller than COOQER 2. However, it can still be customized to your needs of size and scale.


The COOQER 3 can both cook and stir, but do not have a mixing unit. It can differ depending on whether the tank is laying down or standing up. The agitators secure that the product does not burn on the sides which it will do unless the product is moved under the process.

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