Hold on and brace yourself! The Cooqer line has officially arrived! The Cooqer line consist of three different machines, especially made for cooking and stirring of products liquid products.

Gentle cooking and agitation in large scale from 1000 to 4000 kg a batch. The machines come in different construction depending on your needs you can choose a vertical or a horizontal – Limitech’s Technical-department can advise you on what will suit your process the best.

All the products can be constructed to work as a standalone plant or as a semi- or fully automated process system. The Cooqer line’s keywords is known to be; world class dissolver, exceptional for gentle cooking and agitation in large scale productions. The COOQER line is versatile and specifically designed for gentle mixing and cooking of food products and has the facility for: heating (indirectly and directly), cooling, chilling, blending and stirring of products. The Cooqer advantage in solid constructions, fully open lid, gentle blade agitators and a continuous production while using more than one plant at the time.  

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