Fish… A food eaten for centuries, as it as meat, back in the day, was easily accessible. Today, fishy dishes have not exactly gotten less popular and comes in a variety of different dishes, which is what this week’s newsletter is about! Keep reading for more info or check out Limitech’s website.

The harvesting and consuming of seafoods are ancient practices that may date back to at least the upper paleolithic period which dates to between 40,000 and 50,000 years ago. Today fish dishes come in a variety of different solutions as fish pate, fish cakes, fish meatballs, fish soups, fish sauce, etc. All industries that Limitech A/S manufacturers machines for.

Fish and machinery

Limitech A/S has for decades manufactured process solutions and machinery for the fish industries and has through decades developed and perfectionated the LiMiX 2. A multifunctional mixer specially designed for products with limited viscous structure and ideal for high volume batches.

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