Summer is upon us – at least here in Denmark – and there is not much which exudes more summer than delicious and fresh fruit desserts! Which is the topic for this week’s newsletter!

For decades, Limitech has manufactured machines and process solutions for fruit desserts. Depending on the given desserts; Limitech can both mix evenly effectively and leave chumps of food in the dessert if wanted. Providing you a multifunctional machine to make several different desserts using fruit.

Short history

Fruit is more and more commonly found in desserts due to its natural occurring sweetness and fresh touch. The second dessert there was ever made has been reported to include apples back in 1381, and the hype about the natural sweetener has only grown since. Using fruit in dessert can sometimes save calories and be less “heavy” compared to other desserts. Often in form of pastry, pies or other baked goods containing fresh or cooked fruit.

An example of a famous Danish dessert with berries is the Danish “Red berry pudding” in Danish called “Rød Grød med Fløde”.

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