Limitech A/S supplies machines to ice cream manufacturers all over the world, both summer and winter, and even though the colder weather has found its way to Denmark, we are still into ice cream more than ever! The frozen dessert is highly popular and comes in many different textures and flavors and today it has evolved  into the perfect all year-round dessert.

The history of ice cream is relatively unknown. However, the world’s oldest ice cream is stated to be the dish that an emperor of the Tang dynasty in china was served, on a hot summer day,  in the 6th century, consisting of mixed flour, milk and camphor made by using ice blocks. Hereafter, it states that emperor Nero was served snow from the mountains with fresh fruit – possibly the start of what we today call sorbet.


The modern ice cream closer to as we know it today, was invented in Italy, possibly inspired by recipes that Marco polo brought back from China as we have mentioned was stated to have been the starters of ice cream. Some sources attribute its spread in the 16th century to Caterina di Medici and her chef Ruggeri whom she brought to France when she married the King. This was the start of the cold and sweet dessert that since then has taken the world by storm. However, before Carl Von Linde invented the freezer in 1870, ice cream was a luxury product as frozen water had to be cut out of lakes in the winter and stored to keep the ice from melting.


Limitech A/S is a manufacturer of process solutions both as stand-alone machines as well as fully automated and large process lines. Limitech has for decades supplied ice cream manufacturers with process solutions and is considered a highly valued partner in the field due to large knowhow and skilled expertise.   

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