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Whether you are building a house or laying the base of your make-up, most would believe a ‘foundation’ to be a necessity. Limitech has for decades been the manufacturer of process solutions for the cosmetic and personal care industries, which of course includes ‘foundation’. Limitech can with its high experience assist you securing the most efficient quality equipment for your business in processing your product. This whether it is a stand-alone machine or customized and fully automated system.

Limitech’s layers of Foundation

Today, we wish to talk to you a bit about Limitech’s engagement with foundation. The foundation meant for your face, your base, your contouring, etc. the product that are more or less known all over the world today. Foundation is used to create an even, uniform colour to one’s complexion and to cover redness and spots, things the user might see as imperfections. Foundations comes in many different forms and additionally can for example function as a moisturizer, sunscreen, a base, different level of cover factors, or as a base layer for more complex cosmetics, and so on. There are many benefits to wearing foundation and the overall appearance it gives the skin as it smooths out the skin, fills in fine lines and helps even out skin tones and protect the skin from the sun.

The origins of foundation

The modern foundation as we know it today can be traced back to Carl Baudin who worked at a theatre in Germany, the Leipziger Stadt to be more exact. Baudin invented grease paint because he wanted to conceal the gap between his wig and his forehead when he was on stage, and therefore developed a flesh coloured paste. This was the start of the airy and creamy foundation we know today, existing in all skin tones and types in many different brands.

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