Powder dissolving is an art and skill developed for decades and a skill Limitech A/S has mastered for just as long. When dissolving different forms of powder there are specific procedures important to follow to make sure the process of powder dissolving is satisfying.

At Limitech, we are masters of dissolving products; both in small batches as well as in large and fully automatic process systems, and our engineering department makes sure you can receive a machine fitting your measurements perfectly. Limitech machinery guarantees a perfect product while securing easy control through the whole process. Limitech’s mixers and agitators secure the highest dissolving, emulsifying and dispersing power and efficiently guarantees a smooth, homogenous product with a consistent quality. This result requires it to be done correctly as it is a complex operation and done wrong it can have a serious impact on the product outcome. The high and correct mixing capability secures fluids to dissolve with other fluids easily and highly effective. Limitech has for decades developed high technology to secure all dissolving processes is done correctly and of highest capacity possible.


To secure a flawless product, powder dissolving is of the essence when it comes to mixing. A dilemma that has been turning heads for years. However, this is a dilemma which Limitech has been mastering for decades. Limitech’s strategy and high technology skillset secures you’re the perfect process of powder dissolving for a high variety of different processes. Powder dissolving is an art and skill developed for decades, but a skills Limitech A/S has mastered and empowered for just as long, which is why you should choose Limitech to EMPOWER your powder dissolving processes.

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