Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet but also in clothes and objects. Limitech manufacturers machinery to the vegan industry – where other substitute products are used – Limitech guarantees a homogenous product after every batch no matter ingredients.

The difference between plant-based” and “vegan” may be subtle or vastly different, depending on the context and how the term is being used. Generally, something that is plant based or a “plant food” would be “vegan” and suitable for vegans, but something plant-based may not be considered vegan. One of the distinguishments between vegan or plant-based could for example be that plant-based is concerned with food whereas vegans is as much concerned with objects from animals as for example wool, leather, silk or whether you go fishing during the weekends – if you are – then in that case, you are living plant-based and not vegan.

Veganism and recycling

Limitech’s focus on water and recycling is only getting bigger and one example of this is the continuing development of recycling in the food sector especially when it comes to water. An example of an initiative taken is to save as much water as possible as the food industry use a high amount of water. For example, when Limitech is testing machinery and making hummus, all the water from the hummus is saved and used for making vegan mayonnaise; meaning nothing in the process is going to waste saving both water and energy. Another initiative is to invest in Limitech’s CIP system ensuring no unnecessary water is used and you have the full precise overview of how much water is being used in the process so only the required water is used resulting in no spillage. 

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