How to guarantee zero downtime of your machinery? – schedule annual service solutions with Limitech’s service managers!

The goal is to let you know how Limitech can assist your production as well as offering service for a quarter, half, or yearly maintenance in the PDCA-cycle, or just whenever you need it!

Limitech offer the following service:

  • Service visit in general
  • Factory acceptance test (FAT)
  • Scheduled service visit
  • 24/5 Helpline
  • Diagnostic
  • Installation
  • Running-in
  • Remote – and online support
  • Training academy
  • Global customer service
  • Insights on improvements
  • Spare-parts
  • Recipes
  • Overview of future new machine

Why choose annual service visits with Limitech A/S?

By consolidating the special knowledge of Limitech and its service managers and technicians in different service areas, we ensure the best customer service by using our group-wide expertise. We ensure fast and reliable service, by highly trained service managers.

To Limitech, Service, is not just about fixing what is broken – but preventing breakdown and protecting investments. By scheduling annual service with Limitech A/S you prepare for the future, optimizes, and improve performances while securing your equipment’s reliability and to keep everything in shape!

Some of the benefits from this contract with Limitech is concerned with maintenance, service, and diagnosis in time – to secure you have no down time in your production. In addition, to prevent a bigger cost of reparation or malfunction that otherwise could have been avoided with frequenter service. Limitech operates both over the phone, digitally as well as travel abroad on service inspections to do hand-on services at your facility. Contact the office to hear more about Limitech’s service solution and what we can do for you – and what kind of service is most beneficial for you!

NOTICE: Summer is coming– For your information

The trees are starting to turn green in Denmark and it finally feels like summer is on its way. Therefore, in good time we would like to inform and advice you to research whether you will be needing any spare parts for your facility. Due to possible delays occurring we advise you to order any parts you will need soon. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us +45 9824 3144.

In week 30 – 2022 the office will be closed due to summer break; however, you will always be able to contact us on the office number, within business hours. We therefore want to let you know in advance, to preorder what you might need for your solutions and machinery. However, should an emergency happen, there will be an operator on duty. But spare parts and service we would like to advise you to book soon to keep up with delivery time.  

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