Are you focused on improving plant efficiency, workplace safety, reduced water consumption, reduced energy consumption, product quality and food safety? And preferably all in one package solution, while also being superior to other cleaning systems? Well… by integrating Limitech’s automated cleaning system CIP will give you just that!

Limitech has a high range of different features and options for you to spice-up and optimize your process solution with. Limitech’s systems are comprised of modular, standard components – customized to match the requirements of any piece of processing equipment and can help optimize productions on a range of parameters. Through decades, Limitech has worked on perfectionating the features they offer which has, among others, turned into the CIP-system.

The SUPERIORITY of the system

CIP requires less manual work and only needs an operator to burn on the system, whereas the rest of the cleaning goes automatically. An efficient solution that guarantees all your equipment, from tanks to mixers to piping total cleanability, almost only by the push of a button. CIP is a highly effective method for automatic cleaning of the inner surfaces of pipes, containers, equipment, filters, and associated fitting without major disassembly.

It can be highly beneficial to have a decentralized CIP system which can be gained via less water consumption, less energy consumption and much quicker access to cleaning.

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