Analogue cheese, cheese sauce, vegan cheese, cream cheese, processed cheese, white cheese, feta cheese, pizza toppings, etc. Limitech has for decades manufactured multifunctional/ multi-purpose machines and process solutions for the cheese industry, both as stand-alone machines, lines and full process lines. Want to EMPOWER your process? Choose Limitech for your cheese production!

Based on Limitech’s experience and large know-how, production lines have been developed and specialized to the process of various cheese products. This folder will go through the different segments of the cheese industry, in which Limitech operates and will consist of the different applications Limitech supplies to the industry.


Limitech engineer and manufactures equipment for all stages of processes. This will ensure that the equipment is correctly designed and standardized to fit your production.

The LiMiX 2 is one of the most versatile and efficient food mixers you will find on today’s market. It is a multifunctional/ multipurpose mixer/blender with maximum flexibility, and it is perfect to produce cheese. The machine is made with the highest attention to hygienic design and cleanability to ensure food safety. The cooker is designed to heat by direct steam as it is a quick and gentle way of heating the product. Perfect to avoid changes in flavor – but it can also be filled with indirect steam if preferred. The vacuum pump is added to suck out evaporation and thereby minimize the condensate water dripping back into the product.

Some of the advantages with the mixer/blender is the fully open lid, the multifunctionality and the changeable mixing tools.

Read much more about Limitech’s cheese production of analogue cheese, cheese sauce, block cheese, feta cheese, white cheese, cream cheese, processed cheese, vegan cheese, pizza toppings, etc. here and on Limitech’s website

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