Are you focusing on improving plant efficiency, workplace safety, reduced water consumption, reduced energy consumption, product quality and food safety? And preferably all in one package solution, while also being superior to other cleaning systems? Well… By integrating Limitech’s automated cleaning system CIP will give you just that!

The CIP-flipside cleaning system is a high functional cleaning system, developed and perfectionated by Limitech A/S. The adding of Flipside to CIP guarantees all parts of the machinery is cleaned thoroughly to avoid cross contamination.

The importance of 110% completely clean equipment when changing procedures is evident and so is the efficiency and fastness of the cleaning process. Therefore, we suggest Limitech’s CIP system were we through our R&D department has invented the Flipside valve to make the Cip system even more efficient. Read much more about our CIP cleaning system here or watch the more specific function of Flipside on this video here.

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