How to guarantee zero downtime of your machinery? Schedule annual service solutions with Limitech’s service managers!

By consolidating the special knowledge of Limitech and its service managers and technicians in different service areas, we ensure the best customer service by using our group-wide expertise. We ensure fast and reliable service, by highly trained service engineers.

Since Limitech’s origin decades ago, the process after a customer’s purchase has always been just as important as the purchase itself. Limitech is highly focused on its client’s experience with the company after the purchase is completed. Limitech’s service department is continually developing to ensure the best service and to keep strengthening the efficiency of the department. Help is no longer than a call away and Limitech is always easy to contact, if any problems or questions arise. Limitech operates both over the phone, digitally as well as travel abroad on service inspections to do hands-on services at your facility. The company guarantees quick response time and an efficient work through of your process solution(s) to make sure that if a malfunction should occur you will be up-and-running as quickly as possible.

To Limitech, Service, is not just about fixing what is broken – but preventing breakdown and protecting investments. By scheduling annual service with Limitech you prepare for the future, optimizes, improve performances, and secure your machinery is fully up to date. We cover the full spectrum of maintenance to secure your equipment’s reliability and to keep everything in shape!

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