Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet but also in clothes and projects. Limitech manufactures machinery to the vegan industry – where other substitute products are used.

Veganism has its origin back in 1944 when a group of people living as vegetarians left the Leicester Vegetarian Society with the purpose of creating their own group called the VEGAN society. The name originated by taking the first and large letter of Vegetarian. Most vegans choose to become vegans to support animal rights, protect the environment or because of the beneficial diet’s positive health effects. Veganism can be categorized as a more extreme form of vegetarianism and first originated back in 1944. Today, veganism is gaining a larger and larger popularity both due to animal rights and protection as well as possible health benefits.

Vegan and plant-based products with Limitech A/S

The difference between ‘Plant-based’ and ‘vegan’ may be subtle or vastly different depending on the context and how the term is being used. One of the distinguishments between vegan or plant-based could for example be that plant-based is concerned with food whereas vegans is as much concerned with objects from animals as for example wool, leather, silk or whether you go fishing on the weekends.

Limitech supply vegan industrial factories all over the world with first class equipment in production of vegan products, and due to easy changeable mixing tools, the equipment is highly multifunctional. Limitech manufacturer machines for vegan products like specific vegetables or vegan hummus, pesto, dates, sauces, mayo, etc. Limitech has a lot of different features that will give you the desired result whether making a smooth, thick, or coarse product.

So, would you like to make vegan products while still having a multifunctional and flexible mixer which can produce other products as well? Then please contact Limitech and hear more about our machinery or visit our website on:

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