DON’T MISS OUT on testing Limitech’s lab-mixer MyMix for (almost) FREE!

Limitech offer the possibility to rent its lab mixer, providing you the possibility to try out the machine at your own factory for a minimal cost. You are always more than welcome to try out the mixer at Limitech’s production in Aabybro, Denmark.       

The Limitech MyMix is a high-quality machine with all the features you need for a perfect test batch. The small 10-liter mixer (actual tank size 16 L) gives the exact same output as for example a 2000-l mixer, so when you get your perfect test result you can go directly to large scale production-easy scale up.

Accommodating the ever-changing needs from retailers.

Heating is done by either indirect or direct steam injection. The machine is efficient, easy to navigate, self-adjusted and have easily moving scrapers and a changeable mixing wheel where the mixing is reduced to only a few minutes. The mixing equipment is made as a quick-change solution making it easy to change from one tool to another. The stainless-steel electric control panel is mounted on the lab mixer to give you a simple and clean operation of the mixer. 

Contact Limitech on for more information on the MyMix machine or for booking.


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