USED AND RECYCLED MACHINERY: Buy used machinery and recycle!

With Limitech A/S you can buy used machinery as well as you can sell your Limitech machine back to us. This provides you the opportunity to a process solution for a cheaper price while ensuring high quality and efficiency.

NOTICE: All used machinery is tested and checked by our service managers and technical experts before shipment, to ensure that a used machine do not mean lesser quality.


By choosing to buy used machines and process equipment from Limitech, you choose a solution that has been serviced by highly advanced service technicians and experts. You will get machinery that has been highly tested and thereby secured to be superior in its processing field. At the same time, you are supplied with a machine to a price lower than what it is worth, while also supporting the choice of recycling and environmental sustainability.


Are you a customer of Limitech and are you thinking about investing in new machinery and up-grade your existing process line, we will be happy to look at your used machinery and process solutions – with the intentions of buying it back to our production and recycle it.

Contact Limitech directly to have our service managers look at your machinery. This will provide you the opportunity to support recycling while using the income from your old machinery in a new.

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