The Aabybro company Limitech A/S, which produces mixers, fully automated process solutions, UHT-systems, CIP systems, Cookers and much more in stainless steel, has not stood still during the corona crisis.

When corona first made its entrance across the world, Limitech was just about to find its foothold. But in the last eight months, Limitech has doubled the staff in the office, and an expansion of the company is in the pipeline to ensure more space for the growing business, where pt. even more additional positions are ready for occupation. Both Limitech’s engineering and design-department, service-department, engineering and production department as well as marketing department have been extra staffed in the last year, and the company is ready to expand even further.

Due to increasing demand at home and abroad, we are very well underway with the early planning of an expansion solution for the company. The expansion will take place at the same address where the company was founded and raised in Fristrup near Aabybro. We are incredibly proud of the company’s performance after a year that started with several challenges for the company due to the corona and the pandemic”, says CEO Jesper Vad Jellesen in a press release.

Limitech operates across the globe and experiences bustle in the vast majority of regions. Limitech operates across the globe and experiences bustle in the vast majority of regions. Especially the company’s specialized engineering department differentiates the North Jutland company from its competitors, and the special solutions have not diminished in the last year. Custom-made solutions that are specially adapted to the companies’ conditions, facilities, products, operators and processors are in the forefront of many manufacturers, and according to the Limitech director this has been one of the factors resulting in a boon in the North Jutland company.

Limitech is currently looking for additional employees for the design and engineering department, the service department, the sales department and the production department.

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