Look no further! – The SuperFlow line is here! SuperFlow is the largest line at Limitech A/S, consisting of two different categories; inline and batch. Whether it is one or the other, depends on the agitators and pipes of the machines and what you should choose, solely depends on what is in most value to your process.

The SuperFlow line is the standard-line of Limitech consisting of most products. This line is primarily for dissolving, quick and efficient blending of dry and liquid ingredients, powder incorporation and guaranteeing no unwanted fisheyes or lumps in the products. The SuperFlow line advantages in dissolving double concentration of pectin compared to conventional mixers, low maintenance, safe operation and short process time with high capacity in a compact sanitary design.

Why SuperFlow?

The SuperFlow is especially designed for dissolving powders in large quantities of liquid, no matter viscosity level. The mixer is equipped with a mixing wheel in the bottom where dry powder is sucked in directly via vacuum (optional), making it possible to reach uniform powder blends within minutes. The powerful mixer wheel guarantees an eminent, efficient and homogenous stirring of the product. The machine can both stand as part of a process line as well as a stand-alone machine. This line is constructed in volumes from 50 to 6,000 liters or you can customize your own solution in collaboration with Limitech’s technical department.Alternative sizes are available on request.

All SuperFlow machinery can be seen here;

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