The Red Gold… Also known as ketchup is a popular dressing known to probably almost everyone. Today, the ketchup we know mainly consist of tomatoes and is strongly used as a side for fries, as dressing in your burger, on top of your hotdog and so on. But no matter your use for the red gold, Limitech’s sovereignty in supplying manufacturers with highly efficient process solutions is not to be mistaken.

Limitech is experts in supplying manufacturers with process solutions to e.g. the condiments industry, hereunder ketchup. The ketchup industry has benefitted from Limitech’s knowledge for years, and the LiMiX 3 from Limitech’s LiMiX line is built to efficiently process ketchup. It is an ideal industrial mixer for easy processing – e.g. simple mixing and pureeing and its changeable mixing tools makes it very flexible. The hinged lid gives you easy access for manual cleaning. LiMiX 3 comes in sizes down to 100 liters. However, no matter what size of batch you want to produce Limitech’s engineer and technical department can construct it to fit exactly your needs. LiMiX 3 is a highly effective mixer at a very competitive price with highly effective agitation and frequency inverter on its agitators.

So, who invented ketchup?

If you are researching ketchup, you will find a lot of different years where the popular red condiment is said to have originated. One of the years is 1879 where Henry John Heinz is said to be the proud founder of the popular dipping sauce. However, after a little more research it shows, that up till the 1700’s tomatoes were believed to be poisonous and in fact were nicknamed “the poisonous apple”. However, this theory was dropped when it was discovered that Europeans were eating tomatoes. So, where the Heinz story is not adding up, is that a scientist in Philadelphia back in 1812 published the first known recipe for ketchup with tomatoes. Until then, tomatoes were no where to be found in the red dressing. So, who do you think is right?… All we know is, that no matter what you think, Limitech is the right choice for the process.

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