Cool your product with PENQUIN by Limitech A/S

As with everything we do at Limitech A/S, we strive to empower your process, where a key feature is giving you total flexibility, and our new process machine for Cooling is just that! It is a machine designed for batch cooling of liquid food products with or without particulates. It can cool down hot liquid products from 90 degrees C to 5 degrees C in 60-75 minutes giving you extended shelf life, savings in energy cost and high product quality. This even with large particulates which are not able to pass through plate-heat exchangers and scrape-surface heat exchangers.

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The rapid cooling in the PENQUIN machine, is achieved by the machines large surface and its unique 5 arm scraper design, giving you hygienic and unparalleled performance in an extremely rugged design. A design worthy of a comparison to the PENQUIN which is capable of surviving in arctic- and tropical regions. Two facts that is equivalent to the PENQUIN machine which can both cool and heat.

This gives you the ability to achieve frying like capabilities which can be used in several applications; one example is release of flavors in spices and reducing sauces. The high temperature is also desirable when doing products with sugar content like caramel or bonbons.

You can use the PENQUIN tank both as standalone- cooling and cooking vessel, as part of a process and used for cooling and buffering for filling. Additionally, it can mix products like ketchup, bechamel- and barbecue sauce.

EMPOWER YOUR PROCESS and invest in a PENQUIN Hot & Cold unit that can quickly cool, heat and mix!

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