Are your customers focusing on improving plant efficiency, workplace safety, product quality, food safety, and/or profitability? And preferably all in one package? While also being superior to other cleaning systems? Integrating the automated cleaning system from Limitech will give you just that!

Limitech has a sea of different features and options for you to spice up and optimize your process solution with. Our systems are comprised of modular, standard components customized to match the requirements of any piece of processing equipment and can help optimize productions on a range of parameters. Through decades, Limitech has worked on perfectionating the features they offer their customers today, which has among others turned into the CIP-system.

The superiority of the system

The CIP-system is a method of cleaning your whole process solution. It is a sanitary process solution for vessels, tanks, pipes etc. This process involves passing a cleaning fluid across a surface to remove product soils and avoid any form of contamination. All controlled through the PLC system. Through our engineering and technical department, you can customize the functionality of the CIP on your process line. The CIP system comes in two different systems – the one that cleans with only water and the one that cleans with both water and chemicals. Through dialogue, we will guide you to the best solution of the two, securing the best fit for you. The system secures high safety of cleanability to secure no cross contamination.

CIP requires less manual work and only needs an operator, whereas the rest of the cleaning goes automatically. An efficient solution that guarantees all of your equipment, from tanks to mixers to piping total cleanability with almost by only a push of a button. CIP is a highly effective method for automatic cleaning of the inner surfaces of pipes, containers, equipment, filters and associated fitting without major disassembly.  Contact Limitech for more information or to hear more about your personalized CIP system.

But, how does one become superior to everyone else, cleaning wise at least? Limitech’s R&D department has for quite some time brewed on a solution to make its CIP system even more superior to its competitors. A solution that now has been solved by Limitech’s R&D and patented ‘Flipside valve’. A patent too good not to give a one pager itself – which is why you have to stay tuned and wait for next week’s Newsletter which will tell you all about the ‘Flipside Valve’, however, should the wait be too long you can always contact us directly to get the information beforehand!

Or otherwise just stay tuned! – Because trust me, next week is going to be good!

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