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If you search on the origins of mayonnaise a lot of different parts of the world would like to take ownership of the popular dressing and dip, all from Mahón to Menorca from the Balearic Island to Provence and Bayonne. However, we might not know who really invented the popular dressing, but we would like to take ownership of the best process solution for the white and creamy gold!

One of the stories behind the origins of mayonnaise is, that it has its origin in Early France. More accurately, it is said to have been the French cook of the Duke de Richelieu’s whom in 1765, while the duke stood on the battlefield defeating the British at Port Mahon, created a victory feast that included a dressing made of cream and eggs – A sauce we today know as mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise with a twist!

Chilli Mayonnaise or Chilli Mayo is a further development of the known and very famous plain mayonnaise. The chilli mayo can be mixed in many ways depending on your chilli temper. Chilli Mayo is used for pretty much the same things as its regular base of mayonnaise, but has become increasingly popular for sushi, French fries, burgers, pasta dishes, wok dishes etc. The strong elements of chilli come from the substance capsaicin, which stimulates the nerves, in the skin and the tongue, that usually responds to heat and pain.

Choose machinery from Limitech A/S

The LiMiX 1 is an all-in-one process mixer as it can both cool, heat and mix even effectively. It is one of the most adaptable and efficient food mixers you will find on today’s market, this whether it is a standalone or fully automated system.   

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