A high amount of our favorite condiments is made with mayonnaise as a base; whether it is dressings, sauces, dips or tapenades. Condiment’s, which manufacturers Limitech has supplied with process solutions for decades, both in form of stand-alone plants as well as fully automated process lines. Decades, where Limitech has proven themselves as a valued sparring partner and distributer of high-quality process systems.

With the low viscosity of mayonnaise Limitech has designed a multifunctional mixer specially for foods with a limited viscosity structure making it possible for manufacturers to change the viscosity of the product. Here, we have a line of different process solutions as well as features and options for you to choose from, to make the system as advantageous as possible for you and your process.

However, the FINO is especially forged to process mayonnaise highly efficiently while securing full flexibility of the machine. The FINO is a combination between our LiMiX 1 and a SuperFlow machine and is the most versatile and efficient mayonnaise mixer you will find on today’s market. The mixer secures short process time along it being highly multifunctional with the possibility of changing mixing tools. Because of the welded lid on the machine, it is possible to do effective CIP cleaning of the mixer. However, besides from the machine being highly effective for mayonnaise the use of the mixer in food production is very wide ranging from up to 80% mayonnaise, to mashed potatoes to processed cheese creating great value to you and your facility. This also gives you the possibility of making different products on the same machine.

We strive on customization

Should the FINO for some reason not fit into your needs, then do not hesitate to let us know. We can customize a solution fitting your process perfectly – if there for example is more than one product you wish to make on the machine, we can customize it so you can easily change mixing tools yourself turning it into a process system for other products besides mayonnaise, creating complete multifunctionality. The engineering and technical knowhow secures you a machine of top quality even though it is multifunctional. The changing of mixing tools does not make the machinery less effective than was it constructed for purely one specific product. At, Limitech we offer you some of the most efficient processing equipment on the market today. Limitech equipment has proven to bring down production time and produces a homogenous product every time “all in one process”.

Take advantage of our highly efficient equipment which serves as an “all in one process solution” and try our lab MyMixer for free and discover all the advantages of our high-quality machinery. We offer you custom build equipment for mayonnaise from small to large scale production, all with the same high-quality output.

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