GO GO VEGAN! – helping the planet one meal at a time

Did you know, that if the whole world went vegan the CO2 emission would fall with 70 percent before 2050? An investigation done by the United Nation the world population is in 2021 7,9 billion and out of this number a total of approximately 79 million people is said to be living a veganism lifestyle. Meaning the vegan lifestyle is expanding radically.

Veganism has its origins back in 1944 when a group of people living as vegetarians left the Leicester Vegetarian society with the purpose of creating their own group called the VEGAN society. The name was born from choosing the first and last letter of vegetarian. Most vegans choose to become vegans to support animal rights, protect the environment or because of the beneficial diet’s positive health effects.

Each vegan spare 30 animal lives a year

Limitech supply vegan industrial factories all over the world with first class equipment in production of vegan products. Due to special designed features our FINO+ High Shear Mixer can handle vegan products efficiently, easy and accurately with the right precaution measures taken. This is an all in one machine for Vegan products – like specific vegetables or Vegan hummus, pesto, dates, sauces, mayo etc. and it can be supplied with a mixer featured a bin lifter to secure easy loading, built-in heating/cooling jacket and a lot more. Our PLC system secure easy operation and control so you easy and fast can make det same product. These features and others will give the desired result whether making a smooth, thick or coarse product.

So, would you like to make Vegan products while still having a multifunctional and flexible Mixer that can produce other products as well? Then please contact Limitech A/S – limitech@limitech.dk

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