Industrial or confectionary coating? No matter your industry Limitech can assist you with a process solution as stand-alone or as a semi-or fully automated process solution.

In the industrial sector, different kinds of coating exist but primarily fall into the three following categories: Architectural, industrial, and special purpose segment as glaze or coating in different texture and visualization.

What is the definition of coating?

Surface coating is a surface engineering process by which the surface of a material is subjected to another overlay, such as powder, film, or bulk for intended applications based on the coating material and the surface to be coated. This whether it is for industrial or architectural purposes or in the confectionery segment as cakes and sweets.

There are different reasons for coating; coating can be used to help protect the object and thereby extend its life with its application but can also be used for decorative reasons. Some coatings are specifically engineered for certain objects or conditions while others can be used on a variety of surfaces in the art of making confections. 

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