The mastodont of process solutions Limitech is known for its high shear mixing and ability to quickly dissolve small or large quantities of powder, both the easy dissolvable segments as well as the trickier ones, and it is the last one which the newsletter will focus on today.

This week’s newsletter will provide information on the dissolving process of cacao and caseinate; due to bigger possibility of lumps when cacao and caseinate is mixed with water; these powders is dissolved under high shear mixing to secure no unwanted lumps and fisheyes are left in the product.

Process solution for Cacao and Caseinate by Limitech A/S

Both Cacao and Caseinate is difficult to dissolve due to its aggregation and coagulation. However, due to Limitech’s mixing technique of high shear mixing and the technology of dissolving inside the tank; this is not a problem and the LiMiX line is especially designed to this specific type of product. Limitech’s process solutions is forged and design to guarantee no product is untouched of the mixing wheel in the tank – securing no lumps is left in the product after end processes.

Contact the office for more info on dissolving of powders, and read more about cacao and caseinate on the links.

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