CHUTNEY the chameleon by Limitech A/S

Chutney… The chameleon product that technically can be put both in the convenience and condiment segment, as well as part of the confectionary segment. It originates from the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent and refers to fresh and pickles preparations. Limitech A/S has for decades developed machinery to chutney processing.

Simple and original chutney has its origin back to about 500 BC. This specific method on preserving food was adopted from India by the Romans and British because of their encounters with the Indian subcontinent. Chutney gained popularity back in England around the 1480’s as an appetizer. In the 19th century, different types of chutney were shipped to Europe from India, and later spread around the world.

Process solutions by Limitech A/S

For decades, Limitech A/S has perfectionated its process solutions for chutney. The high developed machinery ensures a uniform and homogenous

 product while the wanted lumps of chutney is not ruined because of the efficiency of the mixer wheel and agitators.

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