USE Limitech’s Penquin-Hot for caramel and bechamel!

As with everything we do we always chase the sublime, and as always, the same sublimity comes to show in Limitech’s Penquin-Hot machinery.

The Penquin-Hot is specially designed for heating with a very large surface area. Combining the large surface area with two counterrotating agitators gives an optimal heat transfer. The design allows is excellent for the process caramel or bechamel sauce.


The rapid heating in the Penquin-Hot machine is achieved by the machines large surface and its unique 5 arm scraper design, giving you hygienic and unparalleled performance in an extremely rugged design. This gives you the possibility of rapidly heating of a product like example caramel or bechamel sauce. You can use the Penquin-Hot both as a standalone-machine-cooking vessel or as part of a process.

EMPOWER YOUR PROCESS! – and invest in a PENQUIN-Hot unit that can quickly heat highly fast and efficiently!

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