Industrial made tomato soup comes in a variety of forms including preserved, condensed, and dehydrated powder form, and comes in a variety of different bags, cartons or even canned. Are you in the industry of making tomato soup? Then keep on reading check out our website for more information!

As indicated by the word, the soup is made on tomatoes, and can be served both warm and cold, and can be served in ways. Many companies have their own versions of tomato soup which all vary in taste, portions, and ingredients.

Limitech equipment for soup processing

For decades, Limitech A/S has manufactured process solutions and machines for liquid products as soup. The machine from Limitech is developed to different kinds of soups in different viscosities and textures. Because of the changeable mixing tool, the process equipment from Limitech is multifunctional and can therefore be used for different kinds of soup as for example soups with or without chunks. Limitech’s LiMiX 1 is developed to process soup quickly and efficiently and comes in different sizes. On the LiMiX 1 site on Limitech’s website you can read much more about the different scale of sizes and read more about the different standard features that the LiMiX 1 possesses as well as the optional features you can pick and choose from.  

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